Modissa: Product presentation and shop prototype


Modissa is one of the most exclusive fashion houses with the richest and longest tradition in Switzerland. The target was to implement their unique service concept, quality and values into a corporate platform in order to digitally and significantly add value for Modissa clients - in short: Modissa needed an omni-channel strategy.


Similar to its stores, Modissa should be perceived as an outstanding host online. This central thought was the foundation for the conception of the platform. Amazee’s starting position was a clear and modern design focussing on user guidance that integrates activities and events as an important part of the service concept. The online presence furthermore contains a CMS and enables simple content management on the website. The first version of the website served as a basis for further development steps, based on our innovative e-commerce strategy.


The new website helped to test the demands of the users and was used as the basis for further strategic decisions.