Navyboot: Integrated E-Commerce Platform


Navyboot is a Swiss brand in the segment of shoes, bags and accessories, with its base in Zurich. The products are sold via retail, outlets, shop-in-shops and online in Switzerland, Germany and several Asian countries.Navyboot set itself the goal to meet its customers through various channels, beyond the e-commerce business with traditional website and online shop. The entire shopping experience should be improved and the conversion rate increased. At the same time, all back-end and service processes should be simplified and made more efficient.


From the ground up, we built a flexible online store that focuses on the mobile user experience. The new framework can be used arbitrarily for different international markets. It integrates ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PIM (Product Information Management) and also offers an optimized tracking, analytics and reporting function. The e-commerce middleware guarantees problem-free integration of the interfaces to the online shop.


Navyboot has improved the overall shopping experience and increased the conversion rate. At the same time, all back-end and service processes were simplified and made more efficient.