E-Business and E-Commerce Projects

Meier Tobler: E-Business Platform

With more than 100'000 products and modern logistics centers, Meier Tobler is the Swiss building technology leader. The company provides first class products and innovative services through an online store which is among the ten best-selling B2B shops in Switzerland. The aim was a new e-business world for better conversion rates.
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Jelmoli: Website, Blog, Newsletter, Mobile-App and Shop

The House of Brands is the largest premium department store in Zürich, Switzerland, and was founded more than 180 years ago. Jelmoli required a consistent digital marketing world that would unite information from all their customer touchpoints.
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Modissa: Product presentation and shop prototype

Modissa is one of the most exclusive fashion houses with the richest and longest tradition in Switzerland. The target was to implement their unique service concept, quality and values into a corporate platform in order to digitally and significantly add value for Modissa clients.
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