Research Project University of Zurich and Innosuisse: Semantic Recommender System


In collaboration with Innosuisse, the Swiss agency for the promotion of innovation (formerly Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI) and the Institute of Informatics of the University of Zurich, we planned to create a Semantic Recommender System. The goal of the collaboration was the development of a novel, ontology-based, qualitative recommendation system for locations. The research team was bridging the gap between science and business and was made up of developers from the University of Zurich and us. The project management was with Dr. G. Reif (UZH) as well as Marc Gasser and is supervised by UZH under supervision by Prof. Ph.D. Abraham Bernstein and Prof. Dr. med. Harald C. Gall.


The team developed an ontology-based algorithm that is able to filter the useful information from the huge flood of Internet data and to evaluate and consider qualitative criteria. On the basis of the semantic connection the ontological algorithm calculates a recommendation for the user. The automated recommendation is 100% customisable and tailored to the user.  


We wrote a piece of the Web 3.0 history. Qualitative recommendations no longer refer to the author only, but also include content, topics, and references to the author and the author’s taste. The Recommender was part of the Semantic Web Challenge at the International Semantic Web Conference 2009 and presented in Washington DC, USA.