eCommerce Dashboards for Online Shops

Um die Performance Ihres Online-Shops stetig zu steigern, sollten Sie alle Kennzahlen Ihres Shops kennen. Wenn Sie jeden Schritt der Customer Journey kennen, wissen Sie auch, wo die Schwachstellen liegen und können Sie gezielt verbessern.

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Pay per Click Campaigns for E-Commerce

Mit bezahlten Anzeigen in Suchmaschinen, Facebook oder Shopping-Plattformen wie Amazon, stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Produkte gefunden werden. Da die E-Commerce-Branche ein hart umkämpfter Markt ist, lohnt es sich, den richtigen und passenden Kampagnen-Mix zusammenzustellen.
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SEO for E-Commerce

Wenn Ihre Produkte über Google gefunden werden, erlangen Sie eine kostenlose Reichweite und Klicks auf Ihre Produkte, für die Sie nichts bezahlen.
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E-Commerce Software for B2B

Running a B2B ecommerce channel is inherently more complex than traditional B2C ecommerce. The pricing strategy is key, often the negotiation process takes quite some time and involves several departments and extensive product search functions is very important to guide the clients through the shop.

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E-Commerce Software for B2C

What are the commerce platforms that you usually compare? Most e-commerce platforms will provide businesses with standard functionality such as the ability to showcase products on amazing product detail pages, online payments, manage customers and provide with after-sales. Do you need more?

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Implementation-oriented Consulting

Beat your competitions and proactively address the challenges that digital change brings to your organizational structure and culture. We will show you ways, how your company and staff can match the speed of digital transformation. An outline of your company's growth strategy is essential to a business plan, but it just isn't complete without the numbers to back it up. We can help with our experience.

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Personalization and Automation

We use the buyer's purchase and website behavior to personalize customer marketing, email campaigns, and webpages for abandoned cart nurturing, upsell campaigns, and more. Marketing technology has come a long way from simple website analytics and basic email to machine learning and social media automation. Today marketers in e-commerce industry have powerful technologies at their fingertips that make it possible to create experiences for prospects and customers. Ready to create wow-experiences?
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Prototyping for E-Commerce

We often must identify, polish, map and consumer test new ideas as fast and thoroughly as possible. But nobody has six months to figure out if something works. The next idea is already bulleting down the pipeline. You need to know if your idea – in a clear, marketable form – has legs and can find an audience. If it does, build it. If not, move on.

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Microservices-Architecture and APIs

In conventional, monolithic solutions, companies often need to be familiar with a high number of fundamentally different functionalities. This all-round approach is not suitable for highly dynamic and modern commerce. A microservices architecture supports companies by enabling a faster and more agile development of their e-commerce platform. This revolutionizing IT architecture trend features a variety of small applications, each running in its own process and communicating with the others via interfaces (APIs).

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Online Marketplaces & EDI

Companies today are encouraged to invest in electronic commerce (ecommerce) to reduce the cost of customer interaction. Other user interfaces can help you expand your presence beyond your online store: EDI, Online Marketplaces or newer user interfaces.

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