eCommerce Dashboards for Online Shops

To constantly improve the performance of your online shop, you want to know all key metrics of your e-commerce services. If you understand every step of the customer journey, you also know the weak spots and – most important – you are able to make targeted improvements.

A comprehensive e-commerce dashboard provides valuable hints and answers to questions such as:

  • Which marketing channels achieve the best ROAS (Return-on-Advertising-Spend)?
  • What are the weaknesses of your ordering process?
  • Which products and product categories are your bestsellers?

To avoid compiling all these data from different tools, we create meaningful e-commerce dashboards that automatically aggregate the key metrics from different sources.

Thanks to these E-Commerce Dashboards you are able to continuously monitor your online shop and know the key metrics to make data-based decisions.

We combine various web analysis software to measure the metrics in your web shop. Based on your individual e-commerce solution we complement this tracking software with dashboard tools that we select based on your needs. 

Do you know the performance of your online shop? 

This service is offered in cooperation with our partner Amazee Metrics AG. Amazee Metrics is located in the same building as Aioma. Together we take care of your digital performance.

Amazee Metrics measures your relevant key performance indicators and provides you with a data overview so that you are able to make data-based decisions.


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