Pay per Click Campaigns for E-Commerce

Make sure your products are found with paid ads in search engines, on Facebook or on shopping platforms like Amazon,

As the e-commerce industry is a highly competitive market, it is worth putting together the best and most appropriate campaign mix.

Finding your Products in Search Engines

For Google, we recommend a combination of shopping ads, dynamic search ads, display, and remarketing campaigns.

It is important to set up the merchant center and the shopping feed from your CMS or ERP system – a complicated and error-prone process, as we know from experience. A lot of product information has to be available and be transmitted in the right structure.

Amazon as Sales Platform

Amazon offers a variety of ad types to use depending on your product and business objective. You can choose between Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Product Ads or Product Display Ads. The different ad types make sure your ads are displayed in every step of the customer journey.

Present your Products on Facebook

Facebook campaigns allow you to achieve a very accurate targeting of your key audience. The defined target groups can in turn be used in other channels by generating and exporting retargeting lists.

With PPC campaigns you are able to manage your campaigns based on revenues: As you know the ROAS (Return-on-Advertising-Spend), your campaigns follow a very focused approach.

E-commerce is moving fast and being ahead of the competition makes all the difference to your success. With a good campaign mix including different campaign types and a focused budget your business can stand out.

As PPC campaigns are complex accounts with high budgets, it makes sense to work with an experienced partner.

What Does Your Campaign Mix Look Like?

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