SEO for E-Commerce

When your products are found through Google, you get a free reach and free clicks on your products.

Good Content is Important

Your online store will be found through search engines if you make sure you use the right keywords and focus on the brands and product categories that are being searched for. Focus on permanent products as SEO is a long-term process and makes sense for products that are available for a few months.

In addition, you need good copywriting - content is a prerequisite for achieving good search engine rankings. Here, too, a clever selection of the most important and relevant products or category pages pays off. 

Focus on Technical Setup

A good technical setup for your shop includes, for example, a user-friendly URL structure that reflects your page architecture and makes it easier for your shop visitors and search engines to find their way around your website. It also includes optimizing your meta tags for which we work with a predefined, clear structure and templates to make the process as efficient as possible. Just as important is the load time of your shop, the use of structured data and the avoidance of duplicate content.

It's not only about Google & Co

On shopping portals such as Amazon, products are searched for up to five times more than on Google. Wouldn't it be great if your products were included?

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This service is offered in cooperation with our partner Amazee Metrics AG. Amazee Metrics is located in the same building as Aioma. Together we take care of your digital performance.

Amazee Metrics measures your relevant key performance indicators and provides you with a data overview so that you are able to make data-based decisions.

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