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Lead Management on Autopilot

Reach potential buyers at the right time, in the right channel and with the relevant message with Aioma. Data-driven marketing and relevant content ensure that more visitors become qualified leads.

B2B Marketing Automation

More Qualified Leads with Data-Driven Marketing

Aioma empowers B2B organizations with small B2B marketing & sales teams to achieve great things - more reach and qualified leads.
Content Hub

Obtain more traffic on your website and convert new customers thanks to new content.

Content Distribution

Automated communication through personalized newsletters and individual content recommendations.

Customer Profiles

Every leads interaction is visible for you. You gain knowledge about the interests of your potential customers.

Content Hub

Create Relevant and Tailored Content

Content is categorized in a library, along the customer journey, by topic, and product. This allows content to be distributed across channels. Relevant content increases trust and proves your expertise.

Best Practice Checklists

Initial support with the right templates for the functioning B2B content strategy. Products and topics clearly presented, for increased visitors and better visibility on Google.

Relevant Content at the Right Place

Users can actively be guided through the customer journey. Approach your leads at the right time with relevant content.

More Traffic and Visibility

The Content Hub serves as a central point of contact for users who are interested in a topic. The user can choose to read a blog article on the topic, watch a video, or download a whitepaper.

A Content Hub as a Topic-Based Resource Portal for Your Leads

A chronological blog is no longer sufficient to be superiorly positioned in search results. However, with a well thought through theme world and the right content architecture, your B2B company can catch up.
Locate the Bottleneck

Use the content on your Content Hub for your channels. Identify where in the buying process your leads get stuck.

Best Practice Checklists

Obtain best-practice templates for landing pages, forms, and content. Create pages that increase sales through increased traffic, visibility, reach, and leads.

Happy Customers

Through relevant content at the right place and consistent brand presence, your customer will learn to love your product. Step by step and without intrusive advertising, the lead will learn more about their products.

B2B Search Engine Optimized

To be at the top of the Google results page of relevant search queries. A crucial criteria for B2B companies in order to attract traffic from the target audience onto the website.

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Lead Nurturing Hub

Maximize Your Reach

Let the lead think about your business at the right time. Continuous, automated distribution of relevant, organic content on your channels.

Activities & Interests of Your Leads Always at Focus

Catching every single lead at the right time requires intensive lead nurturing. Switch to autopilot and the lead will be guided along the best path to a purchase.

Automated Social Media Posting & Sequencing

Publish your posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter repeatedly and automatically. Let our autopilot take over your social media workload and continuously suggest new posts for you.

Distribute Content Effortlessly

Receive valuable insights about your customers' behavior and user experience and use the data to create personalized marketing campaigns or to optimize your conversion funnel.
Reach & Visibility

Reach your customers early in their decision-making process. Overtake the competition and be found on Google.

Less Effort

Sit back and let the machine do the work. Automatically distribute content to the right addressees.

Present Activity

Become a leader in your market and distribute relevant and engaging content on social media so that your customers value you as an expert.

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Lead Scoring Hub

Meaningful Customer Profiles

Easy segmentation, automation and personalization - without any IT support. Track and qualify your leads automatically.

Improved Customer Data Quality

Every interaction is analyzed and continuously merged into an overall picture. In a 360° customer profile, you can review which products and topics are of interest to the potential customer.

Funnel Vision Instead of Tunnel Vision

Analyze performance and conversion rates along the customer journey. Only engage with leads that are truly valuable to your business.

Democratization of Customer Data

Create an open, future-compatible infrastructure and simplify access to customer data for marketing, customer service and business intelligence.

A Comprehensive & Holistic View on Your Customer

You obtain valuable insights about your customers' behavior and user experience and can use the data to create personalized marketing campaigns or optimize your conversion funnel.
All Customer Data at One Central Location

This breaks down data silos and makes your data more valuable.

Data Protection

Store all the required data protection-compliant data processing information in the associated customer profile.

Customer Journey Tracking Across All Channels

Customers start their journey at very different touchpoints - digital or offline. Omnichannel tracking overcomes this obstacle.

Segmentation & Measurability

Segmentation by product interest and life cycle phase. Measurability of content performance and return on marketing investment (ROMI).

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Leverage Your Leads’ Readiness to Purchase

Don't send your leads and customers down the wrong path of a predefined customer journey. With us, the path is automated, step by step through the evaluation and buying process.

Asked Questions.

Can I integrate Aioma in the CRM?

Yes. Aioma is the ideal complement to HubSpot. Aioma is a preconfigured marketing platform, filled with suitable content. Accordingly, it manages HubSpot areas of automation (workflows, sequences) and marketing (email, blog). Relevant content is sent to existing contacts in a targeted manner.

How is Aioma integrated into an existing website?

Using a subdomain e.g. and Google Tag Manager (GTM), Aioma and resources can be integrated into the existing website within minutes. The software has initially been developed for integrations into other systems, such as CRMs.

Can Aioma send customized newsletter campaigns?

No, Aioma takes care of data-driven newsletters - the creation should use existing content and not require any effort. However, you may use additional campaigns specifically with Mailchimp or another newsletter tool and link them to Aioma.

How can you write content so quickly?

We access journalist networks and can thus search for suitable experts of roughly 6,000 freelance journalists. In addition to technical information, journalist briefings also include details on tone, target group and approach.

How long does it take from the first check-in until the GoLive of the solution?

Onboarding is extremely straightforward and takes about 1-2 weeks.

How much resources do I require internally, until the solution is online?

Aioma was developed specifically for small marketing teams - so they can achieve great things. Knowledge sharing is hugely important for us. Accordingly, we recommend planning about 4 to 8 working days for workshops and content reviews.

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