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Getting started with Aioma

Whether you want to generate more leads, accelerate sales, segment your contact database, or deliver a better customer experience: Aioma has the solution.

Through efficient lead management and strategic inbound marketing you accelerate sales negotiations and focus on potential buyers of your products.

Continuously more leads and customers

Choose the effective way to reach more leads and customers!

Effective Lead Management on Autopilot

Generate leads, acquire new customers and expand existing customers - increase your effectiveness in B2B marketing with a goal-oriented plan for content marketing, customer journey management and marketing automation. Our software takes a lot of the work out of your hands.


Content Marketing

Generate traffic, convert leads, prove ROI - it has never been easier

Write content, import product information and define topics. In addition, there are forms for converting leads and tracking options for visitors to your website.

Aioma offers all the features you need to simplify your comprehensive inbound marketing tasks in your B2B business.


Customer Journey

Segment leads and customers by product interest - as if by magic

Accompany your prospects and existing customers via their personal Customer Journey. Lead the contacts step by step to your products.

Gain detailed insights into your contacts via a central contact database so that you never lose track of them.


Marketing Automation

Automated and personalized communication - the real fun begins

Your potential customers are often only at the beginning of the customer journey. Do not force a purchase, but offer your visitors an extraordinary experience.

Content and product information will help your audience to understand their needs, and our software will learn and become better automatically.

Getting leads and retain customers becomes increasingly competitive

In the fast moving digital world it is becoming more and more competitive and expensive to reach relevant leads and customers. The generation of new leads and the qualification of existing contacts is one of the biggest challenges for every CMO.
Through paid advertising (PPC) it will be difficult to achieve your sales and growth targets. Everyone does it this way. But how can you stand out from the crowd? How do you increase the reach of your marketing?


Features that guide interested contacts to their destination

The close cooperation between marketing and sales gives you more dynamics and you can celebrate sustainable success. All the tools you need to generate leads and win customers.

Aioma is more than just software

You don't have to do it on your own. Aiomas Crew guides you and your team efficiently through the processes, answers your questions and helps you to master the inbound methodology. 

More than just software

Your plan

You're never on your own. Aiomas Crew guides you and your team efficiently through the processes, answers your questions and helps you to master the inbound methodology.

Our crew

Do you need assistance with website analysis, content writing or search engine marketing (SEM)? The software was designed the way that these services (and many more) should not block your workflow. 



In 3 steps to take-off

Planning and implementation of the content strategy. GoLive of the platform and off you go with the targeted customer approach and the generation of relevant leads.

Step 1: Check-In, the content strategy

Step 2: Onboarding, the implementation of the content strategy

Step 3: Take-off, the GoLive of the website and preparation for the autopilot

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The autopilot is the inner core of the software that controls all processes, learns and works for you faster and faster. A complete portfolio of tools for marketing and sales that shortens your sales cycle and optimizes your closing rates.