Marketing Automation

Our intelligent tool disseminates relevant content, generates meaningful customer profiles and actively guides contacts to buy products.

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The way to a successful marketing automation strategy

Fill your customer pipeline with relevant content and qualify existing and new contacts - simply by autopilot. Aioma Marketing Automation complements existing tools and processes and integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure without the need for IT support.

New Customers

Continually gaining new customers


Fast setup & resource-saving integration


Clear measurability & key KPIs

"We support B2B decision makers in overcoming the complexity of marketing automation and implementing a pilot project within 10 days."

Our vision

The most efficient marketing automation tool that focuses on the most important aspects of customer acquisition.

The goal

Establish valuable contacts and automatically develop them into long-term customer relationships. Only worry about the important tasks.



At the right time, the relevant information with the right contacts - all in one software.

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Our implementation guarantee

Quick Start

Startbereit in wenigen Tagen durch schnelles Setup und selbsterklärende Handhabung des Tools

Low workload

Outsourcing initial effort and automated processes

Transparent deal

Clear cost structure, can be terminated at any time

Real-time data

Fast results and overview of the customer journey

Use existing data

Already collected contacts are directly re-qualified

Harness synergies

Complements existing system landscape, connects existing and new digital touchpoints

Best practices in one software

Years of experience and the processes that work in practice, combined in one software

Do you see the big picture?

Restructuring, new tools & systems and complex topics like SEO can quickly lead to chaos. So make sure that the following problems are a thing of the past:

  • Lack of findability in search engines
  • Visitors do not convert to leads
  • Potential customers break off the buying process
  • Return on marketing investment cannot be measured
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Use of existing and new contacts

Automation of processes

Outsourcing of recurring tasks

Marketing Automation as a Service

Use synergies

All contacts at a glance thanks to Journey Report

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What is Marketing Automation?

How can Marketing Automation be used in daily B2B business?

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